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Additions during 11/02/2014 to 10/03/2014

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1. Our 5 PG students secured UNIVERSITY MERIT SCHOLARSHIP this year. It is an unique honour for our college as many of the senior colleges in the University of Kerala could not secure even one scholarship.
Name Register No. Class
1) Sreekutty. S. S 2901148 IV Semester M.Sc. Computer Science
2) Hisham. H. S 2921027 IV Semester M.Sc. Computer Science
3) Anju. J. A 09823025 IV Semester M.Sc. Computer Science
4) Syed Meera 09807032 IV Semester M.Sc. Computer Science
5) Fathima. L 17425 IV Semester M.Com.
2. The College Union Inauguration was held in 4th March 2014 and Girish Puliyoor (Musician /Lyricist) was the Chief Guest. He inspired the students to shape a successful career for them to be Nation Builders.
3. Departments of Commerce and Business Administration held Seminar ‘COMBUZ 2014’ on 25th February 2014 and Dr. Baiju Ramachandran, Director, Indian Chamber of Commerce Industry spoke on ‘Professional Opportunities for Business and Commerce Students’
4. The College Women’s Study Unit conducted the Annual Day Meeting on 26th February 2014. Dr. S. Sreedevi, Principal, Govt. Training College inaugurated the meeting and spoke on the “social responsibility of women”.
5. Annual Day Celebration of Book Club was inaugurated by Prof. Valsala Devi, Dept. of Malayalam, University of Kerala on 6th March 2014.