Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Department of Arabic

The department of Arabic started functioning from academic year 2007-2008. The department conducts the teaching of Arabic language, literature and grammar under the part second additional language for BSc. And BCom. Degree. Apart from the richness of thought and clarity of expression which the study of Arabic would offers to the learners, it provided a familiar source of learning for pupils who were conventionally trained to read passages from the best book in Arabic .

The department has secured good percentage of pass ranging from sixty to eighty five in the university examinations. Every effort is being made to promote the knowledge of Arabic among the students to enable them to enjoy and appreciate chaste Arabic language. The department has encouraged the students to speak Arabic who are interesting for gulf opportunities.

We provide the students to create understanding of Arabic language through the highest quality teaching of Arabic. A particular goal of this department at the under graduate level is to help learning reach advanced level of communication in both spoken and written. It provides library with many books in Arabic and translations. And introduce Arabic enabled computer facilities also.

The syllabi offer under graduate in study of Arabic history, culture, language, literature, and thoughts of Islam. It intends to develop proficiency in reading, listening skills and conversation practice in Arabic.