Monday, March 25th, 2019


The Main building built in ethnic style is the heart of National college campus.  It has an excellent library facility,  air conditioned computer labs, internet facility, large and spacious lecture halls,  administrative offices and conference halls. The new three storied building has computer programming laboratories, basic science labs, Language lab and a big seminar hall. The vibrant campus, is located in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram city along Kovalam road. The foundation stone was laid in 1995, with two undergraduate programmes. Now it has seven Under Graduate and three Post Graduate Programmes.

  • The college has advanced hi-tech laboratories. Electronic workshop, tissue culture lab and genetic engineering facilities are added attractions of the college.
  • Wet labs with refrigerated centrifuge, uv-transilluminator, culture room, inoculation chambers, Micro photographic unit, Enzyme Linked Immuno -Sorbant Assay kits, Immuno electrophoresis facility etc are available for research purposes and student projects.
  • Dry lab with multi-faceted softwares like MATLAB, XYLINX , LAB VIEW, CAD  LAB,  MASM, Hex, EMBOSS-WIN, RASMOL, CLUSTAL X, TREE VIEW , LINUX etc., are  familiariased among UG and PG students.

The college has a Centre, for Bioscience research unit under which the scientific disciplines viz., Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics merge to build interdisciplinary research aiming to widen the basic knowledge in lifescience. Research Activities were begun from the year 2009, in our college along with the inauguration of plant tissue culture laboratory. Currently we focus our research in the areas of genomics and proteomics, micropropagation of plants, pollen biology etc. Three Ph.D research scholars are doing part of their doctoral research work at our college, in these cutting edge areas of life sciences.

New courses like B.A. Communicative English and M.Com are at the brink of blossoming in our campus shortly. These courses have novelty and high preferences among students of this generation as they can fetch good communication skills and job opportunities abroad.

The physical education department , provides adequate sports facilities and programmes that are wholesome and attractive so as to enshrine sound mind in sound body. Under the auspices of physical education department our students have participated in Inter-University, State and National level competitions and won different places. The college campus has a well laidout and maintained play field for various sports and athletic events.