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Additions during 11/07/2014 to 10/08/2014

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I. Degree Admission Process is on for the academic year 2014 – ’15. II. Final Selection of the College Cricket Team is set and the Team is ready for participate the Kerala University Intercollegiate Meet. III. Mr. Shambu. K. K, Dept. of Commerce and Mr. Shine Singh, Dept. of Physical Education attended the Legal Awareness […]

Additions during 11/06/2014 to 10/07/2014

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I. The following students of PG COURSES won UNIVERSITY MERIT SCHOLARSHIP during the academic year 2014 – ’15. This is the only one unaided college in the University of Kerala achieved this merit. 1)    Fathima. L                 M.Com. 2)    Sreekutty. S. S          M.Sc. Computer Science 3)    Hisham. H. S             M.Sc. Computer Science II. Our Degree students won the KERALA UNIVERSITY […]