Saturday, June 19th, 2021


                                                    ALUMNI  –  “An Epoch-making Edifice”


                 National College intrepidly marches towards excellence, fostering intellect, creativity and character in an active student-centred environment. Here students regularly get ample opportunities to steer themselves up to global standards, thanks to the workshops, seminars and interactive sessions with virtuosi of every discipline. The college authorities are meticulous enough to transcend their utility from knowledge acquisition to personality development, skill development, accurate expressiveness, and exact humanization of the youth. These junctures equip the students to dauntlessly take up any occupational and situational challenges and thereby augment their enterprise and achievements.

The college avowedly conducts realistically chosen courses so as to suit the demands of the times and further. Many more futuristic and innovative courses are on the anvil, to further the luster of the college’s enlightening stride.

The college has surpassed many prodigious milestones in academics and innovations. Our students bring fresh laurels every year. Their innovative ideas and inventions display the stream of fresh talent and serve humanity, as well. Many of them flourish on high pedestals across national boundaries. The college looks forward to meeting these talents and sharing raptures about their success.
The Alumni Association provides an assured venue to radiate the effulgence of the successes and experiences of the alumni on posterity so that their alma mater becomes the cynosure of scholastic ambitions. This will certainly cut easy but firm paths for the following generations of our scholars.

The objects of the Association are obvious: to illuminate the noble mission of the college far and wide; to develop, sustain and expand opportunities for the alumni; and to guide the following generations of the students to the stage-set of success in life.

The Alumni Association is infinitely grateful to the Principal, Prof.(major). Basheer Kannu for his fervent wish for organizing, guiding and strengthening the Association, and the scrupulous execution of his vivid vision.

The Association thankfully acknowledge that it gained momentum and hype under the able leadership of Sri. Sudheer, the Staff Advisor of the college.

Membership is open to all those who have graduated or post graduated from this college. Any former student desirous to be a member may contact the Staff Advisor(9447019368).

The annual General Body meeting of the Association is held on 2nd, October every year.

Active participation of all former students of National College is solicited.