Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

About The Department

This department deals with teaching postgraduate students in Bioinformatics and extending a helping hand to research scholars from diverse disciplines, in using bioinformatics softwares for the analysis of their original research data. The department is supported by dedicated faculty members with interdisciplinary proficiency who strive to enhance their knowledge and share their expertise with students.

Undergraduate students from diverse disciplines of life sciences are eligible to take up this specialization course as their post graduation


We offer a unique course and the only one of its kind in the University of Kerala, which provides a Masters’ level degree through a rigorous, interdisciplinary postgraduate program in Bioinformatics. The curriculum provides knowledge in basics on the three important integral sub disciplines – biology, computer science and information technology and skills in applying vast amount of biological information in genomics, proteomics, drug designing, database development, chemi-informatics and molecular modeling. The curriculum of the course is designed :

To enhance related professional skills in the students by imparting training in basic computer usage, computer programming, bioinformatics software development and using and statistical analysis.

To build trained human resource to take up challenges in areas of chemiinformatics.

To increase the competence of the students through small research projects towards the end of the course to excel in the research arena of post-genomics era.

To increase the aptitude and skill of the student. We are promoting self-learning through assignments amidst a busy schedule of practical and routine tests. After a brief initial phase of demonstration and guidance, the students would perform the experiments entirely on their own, once the protocol is given.

A total of 13 students are inducted per batch every year. In the final year of the program direct interactions with relevant industries through research projects / training and industrial/research lab visits constitute a major component