Tuesday, March 19th, 2019


The department is well equipped with an air conditioned computer programming laboratory, internet facility and uninterrupted power supply for dry lab experiments. An extensive training in different programming languages is offered to students by expert faculty members of the college.

A hi-tech wet lab facility is also available for genomics (sequencing and genome analysis) and proteomics (2D protein separation and protein purification). The department also has several high end biology labs for the bioinformatics students. Hands on skills on basics are offered in microbiology, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology, database management and computer aided drug designing. Software to provide an integrated environment for drug designing, molecular visualization of biomolecules, comparative modeling and docking, chemi-informatics and genome analysis are available. EMBOSSWIN, a package of tools required for DNA and protein sequence analysis is also available.

Experts from other research institutions are routinely invited for talks to give students an exposure to the exploding areas of science. An excellent library facility with e-journals and international journals is available