Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

B.A.Communicative English

The course is designed peculiarly to impart a holistic mastery in the use of English language, in all modes of communication. In order to nurture humanity in our students, equal consideration is given to English literature also. Special care is taken to train the students in impeccable pronunciation, and clear, simple and accurate expression. The methodology is carefully drawn to equip the students to adapt quickly to any English language environment.
Our state-of-the-art LANGUAGE LAB, well-stacked library, and the latest and strictly professional teaching and learning materials make the study an easy enjoyment.
An array of highly qualified masters of English with exceptional exposure to linguistic communication varieties and decades-long experience in teaching of English comprise our erudite faculty. Their pragmatic and result-oriented approach makes them reliable mentors in the personality-development of their wards as well as in academics.

The commencement of the course is the right step towards the realization of our commitment to provide a credible campus for the intellectual growth and faculty development of our youth