Faculty Profile

Department of Arts has faculties with strong knowledge base, and teaching experience. 

faculty list

  1. Vanaja Santhini. C  Head of the Department  

Qualification: M. A., B. Ed, M. Phil  

Date of joining: 7 June 2011  

Email: [email protected]  

2. Suresh Kumar S Assistant Professor Qualification: M.A.  

Date of joining: 2012  

Email: [email protected]  


  • Shabna Maheen  

Assistant Professor  

Qualification: M. A., B. Ed (SET, NET)  

Date of joining: 12 August 2011  

Email: [email protected]  


  1. Sree Renjini V G Assistant Professor  

Qualification: M. A. M. Ed  

Date of joining: 4 November 2014  

Email: [email protected]  


  1. Lekshmi S V Assistant Professor  

Qualification: M.A, M. Ed  

Date of joining: 29 August 2016  

Email: [email protected]  


  1. Meenu Gopal R  

      Qualification: M.A.  

Date of joining: 5 September 2018  

Email: [email protected]  


  1. Roshini A S Assistant Professor  

Qualification: M.A. B. Ed (NET)  

Date of joining: 25 February 2019  

Email: [email protected]  


  1. Aswini S

Assistant Professor  

Qualification: M.A. (NET)  

Date of joining: 1 August 2019  

Email: [email protected]  


  1. Shabnam H Assistant Professor  

Qualification: M.A. (NET)  

Date of joining: 15 February 2021  

Email: [email protected]  


  • Two of our staff, Shabna Maheen and Roshini A. S, qualified for NET examination during their tenure as Assistant Professor.  
  • A collection of Poems by name ‘Exaltation’ was published in 2017 by Vanaja Santhini, Head of the Department.   

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