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Our General Departments 

All courses are running under Choice Based Credit & Semester System (CBCSS)


The department of Arabic started functioning from the academic year 2014-2015. The department succeeded in making the students to understand the concepts of communication in Arabic, language, literature, Arabic grammar, informatics in Arabic, Arabic typing etc. All the efforts we made are to enhance the knowledge of the Arabic language among the students. The department has encouraged the students to speak in Arabic who are having an interest in gulf opportunities. We are providing good quality teaching in Arabic to create a very good understanding of the language. There is a well-equipped library with books of Arabic language and translation which enables the students to access the world of Arabic. Also, a language lab is there to make the students expertise in Arabic typing. The syllabus of BA Communicative Arabic and Second language offered for various departments offers a study in Arabic history, culture, literature, etc. Also, it develops proficiency in reading, listening and converse the ideas effectively.

Department Library

Faculty details (with current updates)*

Mr Ubaid A

Designation: Head of Department

Qualifications: MPhil, MA, BEd, BA (Afzal-Ul-Ulama)

Contact No. 8289864290

Email Id: [email protected]

Academic Achievements

2015-2017 Nidhina Beevi Kerala University BA Communicative Arabic 1

st Rank

2015-2017 Arshida Kerala University BA Communicative Arabic 2nd Rank

2016-2018 Aneez Kerala University BA Communicative Arabic 1st Rank

2016-2018 Aju shahid Kerala University BA Communicative Arabic 2nd


2017-2019 Hafza Amna Kerala University BA Communicative Arabic 1st Rank

Faculty Achievements

Mr Ubaid A

Member of “General Assembly of International Council for Arabic Language” (Beirute, Lebanon)


Hindi is our national and official language. Literary script of the language has been strongly influenced by Sanskrit. Its standard form is based on the Khadi Boli, which is found in the north and east of Delhi. The official style of Hindi is written in the Devanagari writing system. Hindi language is the second most spoken language in the world. Study of Hindi language also develops the ability to use the languages effectively for the purpose of communication. In comparison with the other languages, the learning of Hindi in the system of education in Kerala is very progressive. Now a days lots of students select Hindi as second language in graduation courses.

Students of the following programmes can select Hindi as their second language
BSc Botany & Biotechnology
BSc Botany
BSc Biochemistry & Industrial Microbiology
BA English & Communicative English
BSc Physics with Computer Application

Mrs Rajeswary. S. MA, BEd, Research Scholar
Mrs Renjini S R. MA, Research Scholar


Malayalam, one among the five Shreshta Bashas/Classical Languages in India, is one of the additional language courses offers to graduate students in National College. The first degree programmes, except BSc Botany Couse, offer Malayalam in two semesters. The language and literature course include Malayalam prose and poetry. Malayalam is one of the courses which marks the highest pass percentage in every year.

Mr Suresh Kumar S.N, is an academically qualified post-graduate from the prestigious University College, Thiruvananthapuram, is the lecturer in Malayalam, Additional Language Course, of the degree courses. He has been teaching at National College since 2012. This well-known orator and writer is a professional Yoga trainer too. He regularly contributes articles and critical essays in leading newspapers and magazines in Malayalam. His areas of interest include Malayalam aesthetics and social-environmental issues.


The Department of chemistry was established at the college during the year 2000.

Chemistry is the scientific study of the properties and behaviour of matter. It is called the central science because it provides a foundation for understanding both basic and applied scientific disciplines at fundamental level.
Academic Programme
As complementary subject in the Department of Biochemistry and IMB (2000) and Botany (2020).
It follows the syllabus and course pattern prescribed by the University of Kerala.
Vision and Mission
To train the students on basic elements of principles of chemistry including laboratory experience as part of curricula
It stands for a Learner oriented value based educational system.
To provide detailed knowledge of the terms, concept, method, principles and experimental techniques of chemistry.

Faculty member
Deepthi. RV,M.Sc B.Ed
Email: [email protected]


To introduce mathematical concept and techniques that has application. The course emphasis on the application of mathematical methods. The main objective is to provide an understanding of advanced mathematics.

Mathematics is taught as a complementary paper in the following programmes:
Computer Science, Electronics, BCA, PCA, Biochemistry & Industrial Microbiology, Biochemistry, B.COM & M.COM


Assistant professor
Email Id: [email protected]

Assistant Professor


What Our Students Say

Great College. Good Atmosphere. Good teachers especially Biochemistry and Industrial microbiology department.


Google Review

Had my most memorable days here . Good teachers…Enjoyable…May be a worst college for those who see everything in a worst or negative way.

Pavithra A


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