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The Bachelor of Business Administration programme

BBA opens a whole world of opportunities to individuals looking to make a mark in the fast-paced VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) business environment. Some of the perks of opting for the BBA programme


Course Details

BBA (3 year program)

BBA is a three-year professional undergraduate course in Business Management. It is open to students from all the three streams: Science, Arts and Commerce. The BBA course offers knowledge and training in management and leadership skills to prepare them for managerial roles and entrepreneurship.

Eligibility and Contents

Students who wish to land in the field of management can pursue the BBA course after completing Class 12. The course will help the students learn various aspects of business administration and management through classroom lectures and practical projects like internships. The course will acquaint the students with various aspects of the business
administration, market, marketing trends, etc.

Possible Future

The BBA programme offered by the Department of Management Studies is affiliated with Kerala University. The course content and structure is as prescribed by the Kerala University – six semesters spanning three years of quality business education culminating in the sixth semester with a project and viva demonstrating how much the student has picked up on what was learned in the three years of his/her business education.


Year Of Commencement

The Department of Management Studies commenced its operations with the BBA Course in 2012. The number of students in the first batch was 28. Two faculties handled the subjects and the department was managed by the Dept. of Commerce. In 2014, the Department of Management Studies became an independent department.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Access to Study MBA

A BBA is a degree that includes both general business courses and advanced classes focused on specific fields of business. It is typically designed to give students a broad understanding of all areas of business functioning and how they are interconnected. BBA builds the foundation suitable for MBA by including the basic Business Applications and Administration processes and making the basic concepts clear, thereby enabling the students to build a wider perspective.

Study Multiple Subjects

BBA provides that base and gives a sense of direction when it comes to finding the right career route to success. It’s an ideal course for students interested in pursuing their passion towards making a mark in the big Business world. A student would learn the foundations of accounting, finance, economics, marketing, IT, operations, human resources, and other major areas of business before deciding to go for MBA and specialize in a concrete area.

Market Requirements

Several aspects of a BBA degree position the student in such a way that he or she can reach out for hands-on job experience. BBA course from a reputed university is a stepping stone to enter the corporate world and reach out to the market requirements. Every industry now looks for professional managers who can manage and lead businesses. The expanse of several subjects that one can train in through a BBA will also open up several career paths for a professional to successfully meet the market requirements in the management domain.

Excellent Career Opportunities

A BBA is an especially versatile degree because it can generally be obtained by studying a variety of fields. Some students choose to study from a number of different subjects, while others choose to focus on a more specific aspect of a business that is most interesting to them. You can opt to be an accountant, financial advisor, marketer, loan officer, manager, entrepreneur, and much more.

Enhance managerial skills

On one hand, BBA aims to develop operational and administrative skills in students while on the other hand, BBM focuses on developing managerial skills in students to prepare them for managerial roles. Entrepreneurship is something that a BBA degree offers enabling students to build their own business idea and start their own venture.


Career Opportunities of the course

The BBA course is the gateway to a plethora of job opportunities in numerous sectors such as Marketing, Education, Finance, Sales, and Government to name a few.

Some of the esteemed job profiles one can attain after a successful completion of BBA are:

  • PMarketing Manager
  • $Business Consultant
  • $Business Development Manager
  • $Finance Manager
  • $Human Resource Manager
  • $Information Systems Manager

Some of the organizations where a BBA graduate can look for employment are:

  • $Banks
  • $Marketing Organizations
  • $Educational Institutes
  • $Business Consultancies
  • $Multinational Companies
  • $Financial Organizations
  • $Export Companies


What Our Students Say

I joined National College with the only motive to get graduated.
But, By the end of my course, I was fortunate enough to get a certificate with excellent score and an Offer Letter from an MNC.
Thanks to my college for helping me grow and my teachers who believed in me.I found some true friends from there who have helped, understood and loved me without conditions.

I am happy for the decisions that I have made.I am proud of what I am today.

Archana B Nair

HR Officer, QuEST Global Engineering Services Pvt Ltd

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