Faculty Of Department Of Management Studies

Faculty details with current updates

  • Mrs. Shibitha B.S 

Designation: Head Of Department 

Qualifications: MCom, BEd, SET 

Contact No.: 9496102838 

Email ID: shibitha.bs@ncas.edu.in 

  • Mrs. Nizeeba Beevi A.K 

Designation: Assistant Professor 

Qualifications: MBA, MA, MPhil (Eco), NET 

Contact No.: 9633545443 

Email ID: nizeeba@ncas.edu.in 

  • Mr. Hijaz Abdul Aziz Salahudeen 

Designation: Assistant Professor 

Qualifications: BTech, MBA, NET 

Contact No. 8921348402 

Email ID: hijaz.abdul@ncas.edu.in

Faculty Achievements

All the three faculty members are faculty coordinators & active members of the following teams in Community Engagement Programme being conducted in association with Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education (MGNCRE): 

  1. Shibitha – Hospital Management Team 
  2. Nizeeba – Family & Emotional Support Team 
  3. Hijaz Abdul Aziz Salahudeen – Psycho Social Support Team 
  4. Our faculty Hijaz Abdul Aziz Salahudeen recently became a Certified Positive Commune Trainer. He has conducted numerous workshops and training on topics like Personality Development, Mind Mastery, Goal Setting, Prosperity Consciousness to name a few. He also provides counselling and coaching sessions. 

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