National College, one of the leading self financing Arts and Science colleges in the city is affiliated to the University of Kerala since 1995.

B.Sc. Botany & Biotechnology Course at Thiruvananthapuram National College become the talk of the town

BSc Botany & Biotechnology Course at Thiruvananthapuram National College offers excellent study and employment opportunities for those who want to pursue a higher career in Biology.To read more follow this link 

Alumni Meeting Of Commerce Department

The Department of Commerce offers a multidisciplinary curriculum structured to equip the students with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make them competent in a global industrial and business environment. The National College EX COMS, the alumni of the...

A Student Support Project of National College

The Hon’ble Chief Secretary, Dr V P Joy IAS, inaugurated the first interactive programme of Insight o’ National for the Civil Service aspirants. It is an ongoing project for students to choose their field of study. He delivered a powerful lecture and interacted with...

Second Runnersup Team Members in All India Inter University Roll Ball Championship 2022

National College congratulates Adithya Krishna A(S2 BBA), Samuel VS (S6 BA Communicative English) and Muneer S (S6 BA Communicative English for being the second runners-up in the All India Inter University Roll Ball Championship 2022, IIMT University, Meerut, UP.

നാഷണൽ കോളേജിൽ സപ്തസൗരഭ്യം 2021 സംഘടിപ്പിച്ചു

തിരുവന്തപുരം നാഷണൽ കോളേജിൽ എൻ എസ് എസ് യൂനിറ്റിന്റെ ആഭിമുഖ്യത്തിൽ സംഘടിപിച്ച സപ്തസൗരഭ്യം 2021.

നാഷണൽ കോളേജിൽ “സപ്തസൗരഭ്യം 2021” ഉദ്ഘാടനം ചെയ്തു.

തിരുവനന്തപുരം നാഷണൽ കോളേജിൽ എൻ.എസ്.എസ്.യൂണിറ്റ് സംഘടിപ്പിക്കുന്ന സപ്തസൗരഭ്യം 2021" സപ്തദിന സഹവാസ ക്യാമ്പ് കേരള സംസ്ഥാന സീമാറ്റ് ഡയറക്ടർ ഡോ. സാബു കോട്ടുക്കൽ ഉദ്ഘാടനം ചെയ്തു. 2021 ഡിസംബർ 23 മുതൽ 29 വരെയാണ് ക്യാമ്പ്.കൊവിഡ് -19 പ്രതിരോധത്തിനും ബോധവൽക്കരണത്തിനും വേണ്ടി...

‘Insightó National-2021’ is a new initiative designed for all college students to choose their career/field of study with insight.

As part of the National College's Silver Jubilee Celebrations' we inaugurated ‘Insightó National-2021’ which is an initiative meant to provide students with insights into career/learning opportunities.'Insightó National-2021' is a new initiative designed for all...

Congratulations to Ansar & Ihzan for getting Bronze at the Kerala University Intercollegiate Weight Lifting Championship.

– Hearty congratulations to
Ansar Ahamed (BBA) who received Gold in the 96 kg category & Mohammed Ihzan (BSW) who received Bronze in the 89 kg category in the Kerala University Intercollegiate Weightlifting Championship.
Dept. of Physical Education

Over 25 Years of Teaching

Forefront In Conducting Degree Courses !

    The college is at the forefront in conducting Degree Courses that are need-based and job-oriented. The college currently had 12 UG courses and 4 PG Courses with a student strength of above 1400 and more than 100 staff. It has been established by the Manarul Huda Trust, an organization committed to educational and philanthropic courses in India and abroad. The college is now on the journey to get accredited by NAAC in the year 2022.  During these 26 years of existence, this institution witnessed many notable events like

      • RUpgradation with the beginning of postgraduate courses in 2005
      • RConducted mega national level science fair exhibition
      • RConducted National level intercollegiate volleyball tournament
      • REstablishment of the Centre for biosciences and tissue culture laboratory for inter-disciplinary research in 2008
      • R Organised many national level seminars every academic year
      • RModernization of labs and library was completed in the year 2017
      • RA new unit of the National Service Scheme was allotted in 2019
      • RCollege Woman Badminton Team has won the Intercollegiate Women’s Badminton Title in the year 2018 & 2019 consecutively
      • RTwo new courses, BSc Botany & BSc Physics with Computer Application has been started functioning in 2020

      Learning With Us

      The National College is a prominent Self-financing Higher Educational Institution affiliated to the University of Kerala.Since it’s inception in 1995,it has augmented in stature and configuration and now comprises of various disciplines in the UG and PG sectors. The concerted effort of a group of dedicated educators to impart value based quality education: intricately woven into the traditional and religious fabric of our society along with an inclination to catch up with the world in terms of the modern developments has elevated the college to the forefront of the academic establishments.
      A strong learning environment is nurtured here for the multifaceted development of the student through a shared committal of the students, parents, teachers and support staff; where he is encouraged to channelise his potential in the pursuit of excellence. The entire phase of our educational process is discretely designed to cultivate and invigorate the intellectual, social and personal development of the most important stakeholders of this institution — the Students.

      The tutelage here empowers our students to be perennial learners,critical thinkers and be emblematic of an upright society .Our pedagogy which is holistic and all-inclusive complements this . The sole aim of the college is not to provide academic excellence alone.Every student here is converted into a self- reliant, independent citizen: the college furnishes an amalgam of curriculur,co curriculur and extra curricular activities.
      The constitutional and functional framework of a nation is its Youth .The students here are equipped with the life skills that propels them in the most appropriate,virtuous and fitting path;and facilitates them with favourable conditions to, through the attainment of their skills be an asset to the College and community at large.I feel hugely impressed and gratified that in our relentless pursuit of excellence over the past 25 years ,many of our former students bedeck befitting spots in their vocations globally.

      Our expedition is not over yet,it forges ahead with a mission ………. “to strive,to seek, to find and not to yield”


      Our Administration


      Dr. S.A. Shajahan


      • Principal, National College since 10/06/2021
      • Principal, Govt. College in Kerala
        Vice Principal, University College, Thiruvananthapuram
      • Associate Professor, University College, Thiruvananthapuram

      M.A., LLB, Ph. D.

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      National College intrepidly marches towards excellence, fostering intellect, creativity and character in an active student-centred environment. Here students regularly get ample opportunities to steer themselves up to global standards, thanks to the workshops, seminars and interactive sessions with virtuosi of every discipline.

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