A Word

From Our Founder Dr. M. K. Kamaluddin

“Enlighten us, Oh Lord”

Students at the national college come from all across the nation, including rural communities in Delhi, Maharashtra, Orissa, and Tamil Nadu. National College is renowned for its strict rules, academic achievement, behaviour, and code of conduct. It collaborates with a social concern to find answers to humanity’s issues via services of compassion, scientific research, and education for everybody. Academic success is attained via training and education that is founded on values. The campus’ serene environment is perfect for activities in religion, education, and the mind.

The challenge of “reaching the unreached” is met with a social concern, by enlightening the students from poor families to undergo formal graduate programme. No country in the world can survive with dignity unless its population at large possess certain essential survival skills and a minimum level of knowledge in various fields. Keeping this in mind, Arts and Science Subjects of diverse areas are offered in this college at Degree and PG levels. It is a privilege to place on record here that the college is offering facilities for Research Work in its newly formed Tissue Culture Lab.

I hope every student who graduates from National College becomes a successful professional who completely incorporates their personality into what they do. I’m hoping you’ll commit to helping the community in some way as well. How well you do in achieving your potential as a student and later in your professional career will serve as the yardstick by which we will measure the performance of our school.

I understand that Kerala University has revised the undergraduate education as choice based course credit semester system for all the courses. All the postgraduate merit based selections, exam application form processing etc are made online from 2009. I am happy that the faculty are given regular training by academic experts to suit such changes. In addition to this, our college faculty themselves organize National Level workshops / seminars / science exhibitions comprising the areas of all the departments in the college.

The 1982-founded Manarul Huda Trust is dedicated to innovation, change, and breakthrough in order to advance our nation in the twenty-first century while maintaining the principles that have served as a lighthouse along the way. We will certainly reach our goal if we align our vision with the will of the Almighty. Every little act will be honourable if Allah is with you.

May Almighty’s Blessings Be With You Always.

With fervent prayers,


Manarul Huda Trust

– Dr. M. K. Kamaluddin

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In a dynamic, student-centred atmosphere, National College intrepidly pursues greatness by promoting intellect, creativity, and character. Thanks to the workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions with masters in every profession, students frequently have plenty of possibilities to raise their own standards to those of the world.

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