Department of Botany & Biotechnology

The Department of Botany and Biotechnology equips students to work and lead in areas such as plant systematics, biotechnology, health sciences, ecology, and environmental studies.


Program Details

Course: BSc Botany & Biotechnology (Double Main Course, 3 Year)

Core Course: Botany, Vocational Core Course: Biotechnology, Complementary Course: Biochemistry

The career related three-year degree course in Botany and Biotechnology incepted in the year 2005, is a subject of specialization which focuses on the highly active and rapidly changing area of applied research. The course balances conceptual and practical learning at a broad range of scales of biological organization right from microbes to ecosystems embracing the diversity of life forms that can be used to improve agriculture, medicine and the environment, among many other things. It also strives to promote academic excellence, develop research skills and thereby enhancing the potentials of students. 

Course details

The career related first degree programme in Group 2(a) is a two main course with Botany as core and Biotechnology as vocational core subject with a total minimum 120 credits. It consists of a total of 42 courses distributed in 8 categories. They are the language courses, foundation courses (Research Methodology & Biophysics and Instrumentation), complementary course (Biochemistry), core course (Botany), vocational core course (Biotechnology), open course of vocational core subject, elective course of vocational core subject (Bioinformatics, Food & Diary Technology etc ) and a project. The programme consists of six semesters.

Course Advancement

Centre for Plant Tissue Culture & Crop Development

In association with the Biotechnology department, the college is looking forward to set up an exclusive career development certificate programme in “Entrepreneurship Training in Plant Tissue culture”. The aim of the centre is to provide a career support for the students who are successfully completing the course in the area of plant biotechnology. Also, the centre extends research and development in the field of crop Improvement.


    Why Learn With Us?


    Evolving Education Standards

    The Botany and Biotechnology courses provides students to work and lead in areas such as plant systematics, biotechnology, health sciences, ecology, and environmental studies. Botany and Biotechnology courses comprises dynamic fields ranging from anatomy, physiology, biophysics, microbiology, molecular biology, rDNA technology, plant tissue culture, Animal biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, genetics, evolution, plant systematics, role of plants in human health and medicine, including the action of plant pharmaceuticals, the function of essential vitamins and their deficiencies, and much more.


    Enriching Your Curiosity

    The program would enable the students to explore fascinating questions in the lab, in the field, with theoretical and practical models. Our faculty are experts in their fields who integrate research and love for teaching, in the classroom. The valuable research experience of the faculty coupled with the rigorous curriculum, can lead the student to high-profile post graduate programs around the world. The Department encourages creative skills of students and helps them in transforming into reality


    Learn With Quality Infrastructure

    The college has a very good infrastructure with well-equipped laboratories in Botany and Biotechnology including a Plant Tissue Culture laboratory, the only one of its kind in self financing colleges. It has witnessed a remarkable growth in infrastructure development along with the academic developments that have taken place over the past few years.


    Knowledge and Skill Development

     It is designed for students interested in obtaining a rigorous and broad training in Botany and Biotechnology, such as gaining experience in research, laboratory procedures and safety, scientific ethics, and regulatory affairs, while increasing access to post-graduate opportunities. Students are also encouraged to participate in science seminars and conferences. 


    Dual Subjects

    Many of the students opt for higher studies in Botany as well as Biotechnology and other applied sciences such as Nanotechnology, Food Technology, Forensic sciences etc. Students are provided with foundation science courses as well as senior specialized courses in life science disciplines at the University level to complement the strong hands-on technical training acquired during the college degree program.   


    Real Lab Experience / Projects

    A project in Biotechnology gives the students a real lab experience under the supervision of the faculty while earning academic credit. The student, will have an opportunity to work with the faculty on related topics. The success stories of students are a testimony to the faculty’s commitment and appropriate research environment across all the interdisciplinary areas of Botany and Biotechnology. The Department organises field visits to research centres and laboratories engaged in Plant Taxonomy and Biotechnology. Visits to temperate hill stations for plant collection and herbarium preparation is one of the highlights during the period of study.


    Career Opportunities of the course

    There are numerous employment possibilities available to students pursuing Biotechnology. Individuals with a Biotechnology degree can explore diverse career paths such as becoming an academician, researcher, or medical transcriptionist. Government entities such as the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and various agriculture, dairy, and horticulture institutes may provide job openings for Biotechnology professionals, but the private sector typically offers the most lucrative salaries.


    What Our Students Say

    Switching from school life to college life would be the most memorable experience and a turning point in every student’s career and life. I am extremely happy that, I chose National College as the gateway towards my career. I did my graduation in Botany and Biotechnology (2011-2014). Each and every staff in this department, makes the learning environment extremely rewarding and stimulating. I can assure that; the teachers of this department are the real GEMS!! From being an average student at school, I have witnessed my skill and competence rising to a zenith, which was made possible only because of my teachers at NC. My journey with this college has left footprints in my life forever……


    Environment Engineer Etihad Rail Project China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, UAE

    It’s all about my experience..!
    I can proudly say I am a person who chooses Biotechnology at National College because of my passion for this miracle stream. I have completed my UG in Botany and Biotechnology(2010-2013) from National College.I think that there is no other institutions who can compete it in terms of quality in almost everything especially teaching…! Most of the faculty in our department are extremely knowledgeable and are ready to help you at any time. The campus has a big library and an online subscription to books and articles to read more stuff at your leisure. Apart from all these. I strongly believe learning happens best when it comes to your own. And hence yes I can say you are on the right path.

    Meera G

    Clinical Data Specialist IQVIA Prestige Teck park Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru

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    In a dynamic, student-centred atmosphere, National College intrepidly pursues greatness by promoting intellect, creativity, and character. Thanks to the workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions with masters in every profession, students frequently have plenty of possibilities to raise their own standards to those of the world.

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