Other Facilities



 Our canteen facilities are an endearing experience for campus life. Our pupils get a reasonably priced, assorted, and appealing menu on offer each day. Top arts and science college in Trivandrum, National College only promotes healthy eating patterns through a strictly supervised menu. Students are encouraged to use the canteen for breakfast, during breaks, and at lunchtime every day.




 We have clean, hygienic, and regularly maintained toilets for both girls and boys. Inculcating all the features of a modern toilet, they are well-lit with comfortable spacing and privacy and equipped with adequate supplies.




 National College identifies with the challenges faced by the differently-abled community. Therefore bearing in mind their limitations we have provided ramp facilities to access all our buildings and floors.




The ladies sickroom is specially allotted to provide health care services to female students and staff reporting any physical ailments during class hours. Common issues like fainting, blackouts, vomiting, sprains, aches and other ailments are given proper treatment.




The Girls waiting room is well-furnished and airy, suited to accommodate the needs of female students. The room makes them feel relaxed and it is our motto to promote girl safety on our campus. Students who fall sick can also ease themselves out during class hours.



Knowing as the top arts and science college in trivandrum we provide  a safe and comfortable football pitch that is well-maintained and suits the requirements of different matches. Several tournaments are held throughout the academic year, both within the college as well as with other universities.




The student counselling cell serves as a platform for providing guidance and counselling services to aspiring students in the areas of higher education and employment. It offers orientation sessions to prepare students for job interviews and various competitive exams.




Adequate parking space is available for students and faculty, and clear signage is prominently displayed to guide them on the designated parking areas.




To ensure the safety and security of the college community, a comprehensive network of surveillance cameras has been installed throughout the campus. From dormitories and labs to libraries and playgrounds, all areas are under strict surveillance, with the aim of safeguarding the students, faculty, and property.




The whole campus is has high-speed WIFI internet connection that permits access to the internet no matter where the students are. Not just limited to classrooms but the entire campus premises receive the WIFI coverage, thus we listed in top arts and science college in trivandrum.




Nature club is a dedicated unit created to promote awareness among students, faculty and staff about our environment and the current serious problems looming around it. Nature lovers from various departments converge to support, monitor and undertake environmental and sustainable activities starting from the college campus and into the community. Activities are organised to reduce pollution and conserve biodiversity in the vicinity. Conservation drives in collaboration with other institutes are also conducted to create awareness.




The literature club is meant for students to meet up and develop their skills in writing and enhance their passion for reading. The creativity that takes to be a writer is pondered upon and club members can discuss various genres of books as well. Sharing of writings of the members can also be a stage for suggestions and expression of their inner thoughts on the world.




The grievance cell looks into the complaints lodged by any student from the college. Students can approach the cell to vocalise their issues regarding academics or any form of dissatisfaction and harassment they had to experience. The grievance cell looks very seriously into such matters and redresses them promptly and judiciously.




The volleyball ground has always been a place that brought out the competitive spirit among students. It is a ground having standard measurements for conducting various inter-collegiate events and National level matches. Coaching camp for the college team is conducted on the ground and college students also play after college hours.




As a well known top arts and science college in Trivandrum we provide drinking water  all the students, staff members and visitors are catered by the purified filter water service provided on every floor of the college building. This water is pure, tasty and hygienic, making it highly suitable for human consumption.




Every department on the campus enforces safety procedures and inspections in case of a fire. The buildings have smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire extinguishers installed which are regularly checked and maintained. Educational programmes are provided to students for fire safety and prevention. Fire drills are conducted to practise escape routes and evacuation procedures. Campus labs have high ignition potential and therefore are operated under strict supervision to prevent lab fires.