Our Labs

Our state of the art labs will provide you all the needed practice before you face the real world challenges.

Computer Lab

Best arts and science college in Kerala, National College has two well-structured and precisely furnished computer labs with equipped terminals that follow cutting-edge technologies pertain to the authorized curriculum. The labs are fully air-conditioned with professionally enabled settings. All of the systems are loaded with Windows 7 and Ubuntu operating systems. There are around 80 workstations with 1GB memory. The server is constituted as a separate hub which is the central backbone of our labs. The computers are networked to a high-speed broadband internet connection of 200mbps. The college campus is enabled with Wi-Fi. The network connection is precisely extended to the office rooms, library, and staff rooms

Microbiology Lab

  • It is a basic laboratory and caters to laboratory work for undergraduate students.
  • The lab focuses on core & foundational laboratory skills required for working safely & effectively with microbial cultures.
  • The lab is equipped with sophisticated instruments as per university norms.

Electronics Lab

 Dept of Electronics:
Concerning as the best arts and science college in Kerala we  provides lab facilities for both UG and PG students. Experiments related to different fields of application of electronics are performed in the lab. Practicals include CAD lab,MAT lab,Communication lab,Digital Electronics lab,Linear Integrated Circuits lab,Spice lab, Microcontroller lab,Microprocessor lab etc

Biochemistry Lab

 Biochemistry Lab having all facilities related to biochemistry where students have access to every kind of equipment for the study of biomolecules. The spacious laboratory are equipped with various advanced instruments which facilitate undergraduate student’s practice and have some of the latest equipments that assist postgraduate students in conducting research.

Molecular And Biotechnology Lab

Well-sophisticated instrumentation with Cooling Centrifuge, Microbial Incubator, Distillation apparatus, Hot Air Oven, Autoclave, pH Meter, Digital weighing balance, Incandescent Microscope, Electrophoretic apparatus, UV Transilluminator, etc was set up in the lab to provide an industrial and research experience to the students in order to train and equip them to establish in the field of biotechnology, thus we known as the best arts and science college in Kerala.

Plant Biotechnology Lab

To perform Plant Tissue Culture Technique, an air conditioned tissue culture lab was set up along with Biotechnology lab. Lab is equipped with Preparation room, Inoculation Room and Incubation room, Laminar Air Flow, Incubation Racks, Digital weigh balance etc were also provided in the lab. In these period of time our students are able develop so many plants through tissue culture as part of their curriculum.