Department of Botany 

The Department of Botany  equips students to work and lead in areas such as plant systematics, biotechnology, health sciences, ecology, and environmental studies.


Program Details

Programme : BSc Botany (3 Year)

The Bachelor of Arts and Science (B.A. & Sc.) course in Botany was started in 2020. The B.Sc. Botany programme would create an awareness on plant diversity and its conservation and impart quality education in basic and advanced areas of Botany. It also provides awareness on health care among students through the preparation of herbal medicines for common ailments. By acquiring practical skills, students can gather information, assess, create and execute new ideas to develop entrepreneurial skills. 

The three year Bsc Botany programme includes language courses, core course, complementary courses, open course, elective course and a project. The programme covers academic activities including theory sessions within the classroom  as well as laboratory practical sessions. Infield, outstation activities and projects are also organised for real-life experience and learning. A field trip of 2-3 days duration is compulsory for the students during the final year of the programme.


Why Learn With Us?


Rich Content

The course content of botany is so vast with various branches included in it. The functional aspects of plants are covered in plant physiology and the chemicals involved in plants and plant processes are discussed in the complementary chemistry course .


Advanced Learning

Advanced science topics like nano biotechnology , bioinformatics etc included in the course tells us how best the genomes of plants can be utilised and modified for the benefit of mankind.


In-depth curriculum

The diversity of the plant kingdoms can be studied by dividing the plants into groups on the basis of similarities (Taxonomy). Plant diseases along with the control measures are studied in plant pathology. Course topics like morphology, anatomy, histology and cytology give us an idea about what plants are, and to what extent they are diverse.


Career Opportunities of the course

Over time, in bachelor of arts and science, the field of botany has expanded significantly, offering limitless opportunities for those pursuing a B.Sc. in Botany, depending on their educational qualifications and aptitude level. Upon completion of their degree, students can choose from a range of professional courses based on their interests, and they can either apply for job positions that align with their skills and interests or pursue advanced studies through a master’s course. There is a vast array of potential employment opportunities for graduates, including roles in the agriculture sector, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions, and more.


What Our Students Say

Great College. Good Atmosphere. Good teachers especially Biochemistry and Industrial microbiology department.


Google Review

Had my most memorable days here . Good teachers…Enjoyable…May be a worst college for those who see everything in a worst or negative way.

Pavithra A


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