Nature Club 2019 – 2020

Nature club in National College was established on
05/12/2019. The club activities were inaugurated on 07/01/2020 by Prof(Dr) P P Ajay Kumar ( Pro vice chancellor of Kerala University) Nature club was set up to create awareness about the conservation of nature among students and staff of the National College.

Fixing name boards to all trees inside the campus, an initiative by the Nature Club


  • To sensitize, create awareness, motivate & educate students about environment conservation and to develop a group of Eco-friendly
  • Motivate students & staff to value the environment.
  • Encourage students to use eco-friendly products.


  • Our first mission was to create awareness & interest amongst the students about medicinal plants.
  • Promotion of cultivation & conservation of medicinal plants.
  • Collected about 50 different species of medicinal plants.
  • Distributed & planted medicinal plants on the college campus.
  • Planted trees with medicinal properties.
  • Encouraged students to use eco-friendly products.


The club activities were inaugurated on 07/01/2020 by Prof(Dr)P P Ajay Kumar (Province chancellor of KU). Nature club along with the NSS unit conducted an orientation class on 31/01/2020. The event was led by Mr.Brahmanayakam Mahadevan.

Nature club members collected about 50 different species of medicinal plants ; Azadirachta indica ( Neem), Boerhavia diffusa (Thazhutama), Piper longum ( Thippaly),Tinospora cordifolia (chittamruth), Justicia adhatoda (adalodakam), Vitex negundo (nochi), Aerva lanata (cherula), Cissus quadrangularis (changalamparanda), Dashapushpam, Different varieties of Tulsi etc.

Nature club members celebrated ‘Know Your Campus’ day on 07/02/2020. It was conducted to introduce the college campus environment to the nature club members & to create an ‘OXYGEN BANK’ on the campus premises. Nature club members along with the Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers & Non-teaching staff planted medicinal plants and trees on this occasion.

Eco – friendly products were used during departmental seminars & the students were given awareness to reduce the use of plastics which are a great threat to NATURE.

Due to pandemic conditions, further activities could not be conducted on the college campus, but the nature club members could create awareness about the propagation of ‘Microgreens’ during the lockdown.

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